According to experts, the human body can survive without food for more than three weeks. Depending on your body type, the mileage may actually vary. However, without water, we’re likely to kick the bucket in about three days. There’s research that backs this up so don’t even think about pushing the limits of your endurance here. Instead, let Stone Island help you hydrate.

Bottled water may sound like a convenient solution, but the environmental impact of waste plastics means it’s not sustainable. To care for our planet, it’s ideal to have reusable options such as flasks or hydration packs. To elaborate on the latter, these are often designed to look and function like backpacks. Adventure seekers consider these crucial tools for survival out in the wild.

Stone Island, on the other hand, gives us its Nylon Metal Flask Bag accompanied by a 24Bottles Clima Bottle. This is an awesome alternative for folks who prefer to pack light during a trip. You’re no longer forced to carry unnecessary gear except for the container that holds your water.

The holder itself uses what the manufacturer refers to as “Nylon Metal.” Stone Island also lines the interior with insulating material under a polyester mesh. To make sure it holds your 24Bottles Clima Bottle securely, the bag has elastic straps with a plastic buckle.

Meanwhile, the double stainless-steel wall with vacuum technology boasts superior temperature retention. Cold beverages will stay frosty for up to 24 hours, while hot drinks stay so for approximately 12 hours. The Stone Island Nylon Metal bag is available in five colors and all ship with a matte black 24Bottles Clima Bottle.

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Images courtesy of Stone Island