Aside from gaming, sports, or hobbies, most guys take on automotive builds like restorations or modifications in their free time. However, replacement parts and add-ons can be quite expensive for those on a budget. Martin Aveyard of Stoke Models shows us his work on cars, albeit at a smaller scale.

Moreover, the images he shares of the completed kits are hard to tell apart from the real thing. Impressive as it might be, it’s too bad that we can’t drive these cars. Caveat aside, the amount of detail that goes into each scale model is mind-blowing.

His skills even allow for custom creations that would easily rival the best concept renders out there. Carmakers should seriously look into this dude’s capabilities. Aside from using everything inside the model kit box, Stoke Models is also 3D-printing custom parts as needed.

You should check out his Instagram page to see his completed and ongoing projects. Some of the comments from Stoke Models’ followers even jokingly claim that the shots are of real vehicles just made to look like scale replicas. There are a few we would like to call our favorites.

There’s the 1/24 scale Ferrari F40 kit from Tamiya that has been given the Cyberpunk 2077 treatment. Custom livery, an open-work engine bay, twin intakes, turbos, and more. Another is a 1/24 Datsun 240Z from Hasegawa turned into a sleek overlanding coupe.

Finally, we have a 1/24 Tamiya Mazda Roadster RF which he calls the Safari Miata. Stoke Models uses various techniques to achieve the textures and finishes on the plastic surfaces. He also substitutes metal hardware occasionally to produce the best results.

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Images courtesy of Stoke Models