Brass is definitely a beauty to behold when transformed into unique handiwork. The Støberi Calder Brass Pen is no exception and it makes an elegant addition to your workspace.

These modern times have not only produced highly-advanced technological gadgets. It also birthed unique ideas and statement pieces just like this minimalist pen. It does not look like your typical writing gear at first glance with its sleek and smooth hexagonal silhouette. Especially with its seamless threaded screw top on, it looks more like a paperweight or conversation piece on your table.

But the Støberi Calder Brass Pen is a writing tool alright. A simple twist reveals a 0.5mm ballpoint nib with blank ink. Best of all, it uses a 13cm refill tube so you can reuse the pen over and over. The beauty of solid brass, like genuine leather, is that it develops its own patina over time. So each pen is unique to each user.

Moreover, this brass pen adds another functionality: the engraved ruler on one side which could come in handy when you least expect it. The hexagonal design also makes for an ergonomic grip and prevents the pen from rolling over. The twist cap likewise doubles as a stand for the pen.

The Støberi Calder Brass Pen sits comfortably in the hand with its aptly-sized design at 14.3cm L x 0.9cm W. It is also lightweight at just 34grams. This is a perfect gift to give to working professionals especially when engraved with a personalized note.

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Images courtesy of Støberi