Here we have another electric scooter for the urban adventurer. It may not seem that impressive at first glance, but it’s the manufacturing process that makes SUS1 fascinating. You see, instead of the traditional construction which usually involves tubular frames and composites, it uses sheets of steel. STILRIDE then uses in-house technology to shape the metal into its sleek curves.

Normally, existing machines are unable to handle this level of sophistication. However, the Swedish group’s proprietary STILFOLD system draws inspiration from the Japanese art of origami. Just like sheets of paper that are then folded into various shapes, STILRIDE applies it to steel.

The e-scooter’s name also alludes to the eco-friendly nature of its build. Instead of sourcing components from third-party manufacturers, the SUS1 is using scrap steel. Moreover, the company chooses those produced via hybrid methods to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Unlike contemporary steelmaking mills that produce a lot of emissions, green fuels like hydrogen substantially reduce the overall carbon footprint. STILRIDE then uses articulating robot arms and lasers to bend and weld the chassis into shape. The result is a rigid yet lightweight structure for the SUS1.

Its 48V lithium-ion battery powers a rear-mounted electric HUB engine supplied by GEM Motors. Unlike most electric scooters, it wears bigger 13-inch heavy-duty all-terrain wheels. A single-tube Öhlins hydraulic shock and beefy front forks combine for a smooth ride.

When you need to stop the SUS1, ISR twin-piston calipers and single disc brakes are there when you need them. The electric powertrain can reach speeds of up to 60 mph. STILRIDE estimates a full charge can get you up to 75 miles. We like the brushed bare metal aesthetic, but optional color schemes should be available as well.

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SUS1 rear angle SUS1 Closeup

Images courtesy of STILRIDE