There’s nothing better than a cold drink to share with friends and family during parties or conversations over dinner. Whereas some prefer beer, others go for those that have a bite. We’re talking about those innocent-looking clear beverages that do more harm when consumed too much. The Vodka, for instance, is best served chilled and concocted into cocktails. But you can’t always ensure that it stays cold especially when served in glass containers. This is where the Stillhouse Classic Vodka comes in.

Now you can enjoy a shot or glass of this alcoholic beverage sans the need for a shaker. It is packaged in the brand’s signature unbreakable stainless steel container, which makes it easy to cool when the need arises. You can simply pop it in the freezer or cooler for a few minutes. When out skiing or in the great winter outdoors, you can just dunk it in a mound of snow. 

This innovative packaging means the Stillhouse Classic Vodka can go where glass can’t. It means it can go to many awesome places and adventures where a glass canister simply cannot. Think of it as a flask where you store your favourite spirits for on-the-go drinking.

The Stillhouse Classic Vodka also does not sacrifice quality for convenience. It tastes great alone as it is made with 100 percent estate-grown corn with limestone water. Proudly made in the USA, this drink is all-natural, gluten-free, and mixes well with just about any drinking liquid. The distilled water is filtered through sugar maple charcoal to give it that rich taste. 

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Images courtesy of Stillhouse