The Stelton Foster French Press is unlike any of its kind. It boasts a sleek and sophisticated appearance. It also has a design that deviates from the typical French Press widely available in the market.

This coffee maker is designed for a luxurious coffee drinking experience. Its form factor focuses on flowing shapes and the shine of mirror-polished steel.

Expertly sculptured from stainless steel, this coffee press boasts a polished finish and an elegant and stylish appearance. Its sophisticated appeal makes it the perfect press to use when hosting friends or family over.

The Stelton Foster French Press brings refined elegance to the simplest of table settings. It boasts a simple yet effective function of crafting your perfect cup of coffee. It comes with a plunger that helps you brew coffee with precision and style.

Moreover, this piece of tableware is part of the 2018 Norman Foster Collection, designed by British architect Norman Foster of Foster + Partners and manufactured by Stelton. It has a one-liter capacity, enough to serve three cups of coffee. This sculpturally elegant piece has a width of 12.4 cm and measures 24 cm in height and 16.2 cm in length. It’s not too small or too big for a French press size and definitely not an eyesore.

The Stelton Foster French Press comes in two colors: steel and golden. It retails for $187.

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Photos Courtesy of Stelton