Supercars built by McLaren remain among the most highly sought-after machines out there. For example, their legendary F1 was only limited to 106 examples, and it’s near impossible to find one in auctions. The same goes for other models in their fleet. While the automotive industry eagerly awaits what the marque has to offer for green mobility, it unveiled the Extreme and Sport instead.

Although totally unexpected, we understand why the firm opted for two-wheelers for now. Given some of its competitors have released e-bikes, it also wants to establish a foothold in the cycling market. As it stands right now, the British high-performance carmaker and a couple of its contemporaries are the few left without an EV concept or prototype announced.

Who is the Extreme and Sport geared for? Technically, these are for anyone with an interest in cycling but likewise needs a capable mobility platform fit for their daily commute. We found out that these electric bicycles were developed and manufactured exclusively in-house. This means every aspect of its production was meticulously overseen by McLaren’s team of experts.

Before we talk about what sets these SKUs apart, here are the specifications they have in common. A highly tuned mid-mounted electric motor outputs approximately 600W with a peak rating of 852W. The drive system produces a staggering 119 lb-ft of twist. Both the Extreme And Sport can hit speeds of up to 20 mph.

At a glance, the two feature a carbon-fiber frame with a sleek design. However, if you observe closely, the Extreme is outfitted with a RockShox Lyrik Rush RC fork and a RockShox RS Deluxe Select mounted for the rear. Meanwhile, the Sport receives only the former. Finally, McLaren says these electric mountain bikes are completely street-legal.

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Images courtesy of McLaren Bikes