Aging is a biological process that affects every living organism according to scientists. Although some animals can outlive us by several years, common house pets such as cats and dogs do not. Just like humans, walking becomes more difficult as they grow older. In a bid to help them out, three designers came up with a concept product called Steady.

We regularly hear about breakthroughs in medical research that could purportedly halt the effects of aging, but there are no guarantees. Therefore, the best people can do is try to stay healthy and avoid injuries the older we get. Dogs, on the other hand, eventually suffer from mobility problems, which is exactly what this project intends to address.

Depending on the findings of the veterinarian, some pooches might be issued wheelchairs if their hind legs can no longer support their weight. Fortunately, there are cases wherein our canine companions just need physical therapy like walking. The Steady somewhat resembles a trolley but features an extended section that holds a strap.

Its harness is designed to wrap around the belly of your pet to ensure its range of movement is not hindered in any way. The height is likewise adjustable to comfortably accommodate various breeds. Furthermore, the folks behind the Steady — Jungmin Park, Seungha Baek, and Chaewon Lee — integrated a seatbelt-like safety mechanism. 

When you and your furry buddy need to take a break, a locking system can be deployed to keep the Steady upright and prevent unwanted movement. It appears the product is outfitted with sensors and Bluetooth connectivity to give owners detailed insight into their pet’s walking patterns. The data can be analyzed by your vet to see if other means of supportive care are required.

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Images courtesy of Jungmin Park/Seungha Baek/and Chaewon Lee