Working from home and telecommuting has become quite popular over the last decade. We now have remote workers who work for international clients in the comfort of their homes. The internet world has opened up an online gig economy that was unheard of a decade ago.

2020 has been a year of interruptions. Various organizations worldwide were forced to adopt work from home policies as Covid-19 continues to disrupt the normal way of life. However, there is a challenge when it comes to staying fit when working from home. The idea of not having to cover stairs, no team-building activities, and working from the couch may lead to a not-so-healthy lifestyle. Let us explore different approaches to stay fit when working from home:

Invest in workout equipment

The farthest you might walk can be from your bedroom to your work station. Visiting a gym may also seem impossible, and laziness may kick in. Investing in several workout tools can help you maintain a fit body even if you do not have to leave your home. The beauty of some of these workout tools is that they do not require a big space. The ideal pieces of equipment are those that help you work out different parts of the body. A good example is a home stepper machine that is ideal for both beginners and experts as well. This tool’s beauty is that it has different levels of resistance, which allows you to adjust as you progress.

Home workout tools vary in design and prize. The good news is that there are different models for home and commercial use. Analyze the muscles that you want to work on before you choose your ideal tool. Some of these tools require maintenance, while some you can use for years without any issue. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that you get the best out of the pieces of equipment that you invest in.

Design a workout plan

What many people who work from home lack is discipline and commitment to lead a fit lifestyle. Some start on a high note and then quit halfway. Do not expect to realize any benefits when you work out for a week, halt for two weeks, and then resume for another two weeks. Exercise needs consistency, or else you have to start all over again every time you halt. You can either workout early in the morning or late in the evening, depending on your plans and schedules. Come up with makeup sessions whenever you fail to follow your plan due to various reasons.

The plan should also account for relaxation time to allow your muscles to work at their best. You can start with 30-minutes sessions for the first few weeks and then progress as you get used to it. Don’t compare yourself with experts in this field as you are setting yourself up for disappointments. Take advantage of free online resources to help you draft a workout plan that suits your needs. Consulting an expert in this field can also help you design a plan that suits your physical state.

Mind what you eat

Being near the fridge can be tempting. You may be tempted to have a bite now and then as everything is near your reach. Snacking becomes the order of the day, and you may end up packing extra pounds. You may end up being obese as you eat more than what your body can consume. It may feel great working from your couch. However, being near your pantry comes with loads of temptations. Having a dedicated working space is the first step towards avoiding unnecessary snacking. It can be your basement or your study room as long as you do not see your fridge in near sight.

You need to determine what your body needs based on your health and activity levels. Working from home grants you a chance to control what gets into your body. Pack your fridge and pantry with healthy foods with the right calorie levels. Create a meal plan that ensures that you have a balanced diet. Having designated snack and meal times ensures that you do not overeat or eat less than what your body needs. Drink water a lot and reduce the intake of soda or other drinks with high sugar levels.

Invest in a good workstation

The type of workstation that you have will determine your productivity levels as well as your comfort. Working directly from the couch sounds like a great idea. However, you may end up with back or neck pains as you struggle to keep up with your normal duties. Having a dedicated workstation will help you achieve your dreams. Take your time and shop around to get a table and chair that supports your limbs.

The size of your house will determine the set up that you will have in your home office. If you are lucky to have an extra room, then you can convert it into an office. Your study room can also serve as the perfect workstation. The ideal space should be free of distractions that might make your mind wander away from the tasks at hand. The lighting should also be great because the health of your eyes matters as well. The first thing you need to get is an ergonomically sound chair if you want your back to be grateful. You can as well get an adjustable desk that will allow you to stand whenever you feel strained.

Take care of your mental health

We all know that you are chasing that extra coin. You may as well be going through marital challenges, finances, or even work-related stress. All these challenges may make you weak mentally. Your productivity will deteriorate with time, and your physical wellness is also bound to suffer when your mental health is not in check. Being mentally conscious is the first step towards winning this journey. You need to identify some of the areas that are stressing you out. For instance, if it is finances, you have to develop a plan on how to get more.

Simple exercises such as yoga can help you get the peace of mind you have been craving for. Surround yourself with people that want the best out of you and not those with negative energy. Listening to soothing music as you work can boost your moods and make you more productive. Meditate whenever you feel as if life is becoming too much to bear. Find a hobby such as playing an instrument that will help you overcome negative emotions. Seek help from experts whenever you feel down or even talk with someone who cares to listen.

Jog in the neighborhood

Working from home should not feel like enslavement. You can still spare a few minutes and jog in your neighborhood. Some of the health benefits you get from jogging include improved cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and aid in weight loss. You can get a workout partner or jog alone, depending on your preferences. Invest in simple gadgets that will help you know the distance you have covered and the strides that you have made. The ideal jogging route should have moderate traffic or designated area for pedestrians. You can as well jog in a nearby park if you do not want to deal with traffic.

The beauty of jogging is that you do not need to invest a lot to enjoy this amazing exercise activity. Buy some comfortable shoes and jogging pants and be ready to hit the road. Set some goals, start by covering maybe 10 miles for the first few weeks, and gradually increase. You can carry some drinking water to ensure that you are hydrated during the entire trip. A portable music device can keep you focused as you wander through the streets or the running track.


Cycling is an awesome activity that does not discriminate based on age. It is one of those activities that involves almost all muscles in your body. Your cardiovascular health stands to benefit a lot when you cycle often. Your muscle will also become stronger when you make cycling a routine. It also an awesome approach to burn extra fats, which helps you shed extra weight. People who cycle a lot also show signs of happiness, which lowers stress levels. It is also an awesome exercise to improve posture and coordination.

Ensure that you are good at cycling before you hit the busy roads in your area. Cycle in an area that you feel comfortable. Some countries have designated cycling areas as they understand the benefits that come with this activity. Set goals that allow you to start small and then improve gradually. Get the right cycling gear such as pants, a helmet, gloves, and pads to protect you from injuries. Ensure that you maintain your bike as this reduces the chances of having accidents while on the move. Cycling alone can be boring, but you can have a cycling partner or join a club.

Join an online class

The internet world has opened up a million opportunities, and online learning has become the norm and fun way to exchange ideas. There are thousands of fitness programs that you can join online, depending on your needs. A good example is a yoga class that helps a lot when you want to enjoy both physically and mentally. All that you need is a yoga mat and a good internet connection. Dancing is another perfect example of an activity that you can enjoy from online courses. The choice of dancing routines will depend on the trainer. Mindful and meditation classes are other courses that you can join to benefit your mental health. You can stream some of these classes live, while others are prerecorded.

There are both free and paid classes based, and they vary from one trainer to the next. Ensure that the trainer you select has the right credentials and skills to take you through the program. The length of the classes will vary from one program to the other. Select one that suits your schedules if you value consistency. Ask questions if there are some areas that you may need clarifications. You can combine several classes or even select an extensive one that covers different aspects.

Maintain work-life balance

Does work-life balance apply to those who are working from home? This question comes up a lot, and it is a genuine concern. There is a certain level of freedom that comes with working from home, depending on your job type. The idea of replying to an email at any time of the day seems like a great idea. You can even choose when you work on certain tasks unless your boss or clients track your progress. You can select the time that you feel most comfortable to handle some tasks.

You need to know when it is time for work and when you need to have social time. Let your clients know your preferred work hours and when you need to rest. Set boundaries and be disciplined because both work and social life matters. Do not take advantage of not having someone checking over you to neglect your duties. Take a few minutes every day to write down what you will handle during the day.

Network with other telecommuters

Working alone may seem like a great experience in the first few months. However, there comes a time when you want to interact with other people. Joining online groups on social media platforms can help you overcome some of these challenges. These groups come in handy when you want to learn industry trends. It is also an awesome opportunity when you want to exchange ideas and learn a few tricks. The choice of such groups will depend on your profession and what you want to achieve.

Working from home is one of the greatest ideas of the 21st century. However, failure to check your health may lead you to life-threatening challenges that will take years to overcome. Following some of the above tips makes it easy to lead a healthy lifestyle while still advancing your career.