The Stash Stainless Bass Guitar ($2,300) is a radically unique musical instrument made from stainless steel – with unified frets and a curvy, sexy tubular neck. Every individual piece, from the pickups, neck and all the way to the body, has been custom crafted and hand assembled by the designer, Stan Potyrala.

The design improves stiffness, mechanical and environmental stability, sound quality, tuning and mechanical accuracy due to it being constructed entirely out of the same metal, resulting in it having one coefficient of thermal expansion. The Stash’s tubular neck and the tuning head are made on machines due to the accuracy needed in the design. The body is cut out with a laser or high-pressure water jet, separating this bass from the pack of conformists!

Not only distinct, sleek and modern, the unique tubular neck’s circular radius provides a more natural and comfortable way for any musician’s fingers to reach the strings. This design helps ease muscle stress a flat surface can cause to the fingers, hands and wrist – while also looking absolutely killer. If you’re interested in owning one of these shiny beauties, the Stash Bass Guitar is currently available online, on a per-order basis. Details in the video

Stash Stainless Bass Guitar 1

Stash Stainless Bass Guitar 2

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