True whiskey aficionados do just stick to labels that have already established a stellar reputation across the globe. For example, blends from Scotland and Japan are usually what collectors are after. However, those eager for an exciting adventure do not hesitate to sample spirits that are not household names like Starward.

Not many may have heard of the Australian distillery’s products. However, it seems the judges at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022 saw it fit to bestow the Most Awarded Distillery of the Year to them. This development is certainly no easy feat as they’re up against the biggest names in the whiskey business.

The Land Down Under is indeed making a name for itself not only with its world-class wines. These days, distilleries like Starward are out to prove that Aussie whiskeys deserve more recognition. Its catalog features a variety of expressions ranging from double grains, whiskey cocktails, and single malts.

While many recommend the Two-Fold, Solera, Nova, and their latest – the Vitalis, Starward’s Tawny #2 is a must. Upon checking, this single malt is the recipient of the Double Gold San at the Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022. Moreover, the World Whisky Masters 2022 recognize it as the Taste Master and Master awardee.

We’ll leave it up to you to try their range of whiskeys, but here is an overview of the Tawny #2. “Like Tawny #1, this whisky was fully matured in Tawny fortified wine casks (both fresh and charred). Our distillers then threw in some puncheon and hogshead barrels for fun, which allowed us to showcase the vibrant tropical notes of our Starward spirit,” reads the description.

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Images courtesy of Starward