Now that Star Wars Day is over, some of you might be still shopping for goodies associated with the franchise. If you want something to wear and show off your love for the “galaxy far far away,” Citizen announces an upcoming collection of timepieces dropping later this year. There are five variants all based on the Tsuno Chrono.

There are several watchmakers that offer timekeeping instruments with Star Wars themes. Off the top of our head, we have UNDONE, Oris, and Kross Studio to name a few. Of course, Citizen also boasts a sizeable catalog of watch tie-ins that you can purchase right now.

For those who already own these, the Star Wars x Citizen Tsuno Chrono series would still make a wonderful addition. Each comes in a 38 mm case which many would describe as a tortuga outline. However, the placement of the crown and pushers make it look like horns.

The Tsuno Chrono Darth Vader version features a black colorway with special sub-dials that resemble panels on the baddie’s belt. Next, there is the lovable droid duo C-3PO and R2-D2 with respective cases and sub-dials matching their metallic tones.

What follows is another iconic and badass villain Darth Maul. His timekeeper is in black with the crown and pushers in gold. The dial features patterns in red, black, and yellow to mimic his facial markings. Finally, we have what they call the Star Wars Opening Tsuno Chrono.

Each Star Wars x Citizen Tsuno Chrono also features character engravings corresponding to their namesake on the caseback. We know fans won’t hesitate to grab everything for their collection.

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Tsuno Chrono Darth Vader Tsuno Chrono Darth Maul Tsuno Chrono C-3PO Tsuno Chrono R2-D2

Images courtesy of Citizen