You don’t have to be a soldier of the Empire to put this Officially Licensed Star Wars TIE Fighter Gas Grill ($400) through its paces. This unusual portable grill from Broilchef is designed to look like the iconic ball-turret starfighter from that galaxy far, far away.

With a body of cast aluminum and a cast iron cooking grid inside, it weighs in at just under 50 pounds. It is fueled by standard 1 pound disposable propane tanks and the stainless steel burner can produce up to 10,000 BTU’s. Although compact; it measures 26 x 21 x 20.5 inches, there is still 220 square inches of cooking surface. In addition, the solar array “wings” fold down to create a convenient shelf on either side.

The grill comes with a custom TIE Fighter analog thermometer to monitor your feast and uses an Electric Pulse Ignition to get it going. As you can imagine, the TIE Fighter grill is black. It comes with a 25-year limited warranty which is a much better deal than the Empire got on its starfighters.