With a new installment in the franchise looming on the horizon, our love for Star Wars never really dies. Despite some snags with certain movies, the fan base is still going strong like the Force. Merchandise tie-ins show no signs of slowing down as consumers gobble down almost everything that hits retailers. Take your pick from toys, apparel, videogames, LEGO kits, gadgets, and now furniture. That’s right, it appears that we’re finally getting Star Wars furniture from Kenneth Cobonpue.

For those unfamiliar, Kenneth is a world-renowned industrial designer from the Philippines. A signature approach when it comes to his work is the generous use of natural materials. Furthermore, the intricate woven patterns on most of the products he offers are a sight to behold. The Star Wars collection is no different when it comes to the quality and production process. For now, there are five awesome items on display and all of it are spectacular.

Our personal favorite is the VADER that forms a silhouette of the former Jedi Knight. It features an open-weave canopy, a foldable swivel table, and a badass appearance. Additionally, look closely and you can make out detailed stitching of the helmet’s features.

The next one we like is the IMPERIAL WINGS model that seems to put you on the pilot’s seat of a TIE fighter. For the big bosses out there, what you’re going to want is the SIDIOUS that casts an intimidating aura of style. The first three are all easy armchairs, while the CHEWIE is a plush rocking stool complete with the beloved Wookie’s bandolier. Wrapping things up is the LITTLE JEDI hanging lamp that is equally as cool as the rest of the Star Wars furniture.

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Images courtesy of Kenneth Cobonpue