Some of you may know Hasbro for the toys they make for old-school yet timeless cartoons like G.I. Joe and Transformers. Over the years – through various acquisitions – it now owns almost all the coolest products that appeal to both kids and adults. Its NERF line regularly collaborates with other franchises to give us tie-ins like this Star Trek x NERF LMTD.

Just like how fans celebrate Star Wars Day every May 4, Trekkies pay tribute to their favorite TV shows/movies every September 8. Hence, this is appropriate timing for Hasbro to unveil this these new foam-based blasters. The Star Trek x NERF LMTD bundles a Starfleet Type 3 Phaser and Starfleet Type 2 Phaser.

This combo arms you with both a rifle and a pistol for upcoming battles. Also, these would make awesome accessories for cosplay. As far as design goes, the two manage to copy the shape and details. However, it would be so cool if there the colors match the weapons they are based on.

Too bad legislation surrounding toy firearms requires bright chromatic palettes. Anyway, the Starfleet Type 3 Phaser is the larger of the two in the Star Trek x NERF LMTD box. It features a five-round internal clip which you can fire successively with the help of its motorized action.

Furthermore, it boasts Borg assimilation light-up effects from the Star Trek: First Contact movie. On the other hand, we have the Starfleet Type 2 Phaser replica which you can prime via a pull-back handle to fire one foam dart. Your Star Trek x NERF LMTD ships with premium packaging you can proudly display.

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Images courtesy of Hasbro/NERF