Over the years, we have witnessed some of the zaniest timepieces people could ever come up with. Ranging from the entry-level to luxury-tier offerings, some watchmakers just love to play around and push their designs to the extreme. The STAPLE x Fossil silhouette is the latest to join the list, but we like the quirkiness it adds to your wrist.

Previously, we featured a collaboration between Jeff Ng’s street label and Hong Kong-based microbrand UNDONE. This time, he is forging a partnership with the American watchmaking group for a limited-edition release. The product page notes that this is a stylish reimagining combining elements from Fossil’s Sundial and Hologram.

Officially, they’re calling it the STAPLE x Fossil Limited Edition Nate Sundial. You can get it in three cool colorways: Pigeon Grey, Sandstone, and Terra Cotta. The trio flaunt straps and case jackets fashioned out of ground silicone. This creates a striking speckled pattern that adds to its appeal.

Beneath the exterior layers are a 44 mm stainless-steel case and locket-style hinge. The actual sundial adds a hint of novelty, but at its heart is a three-hand automatic mechanical movement. An exhibition caseback with the Staple Pigeon logo printed on the crystal gives you a glimpse of the rotor and other components.

A hologram of the bird in flight is visible when the light hits the dial’s crystal at certain angles. The STAPLE x Fossil Limited Edition Nate Sundial even ships in a quirky egg-shaped tin. Fossil General Manager Melissa Lowenkron says, “we are excited to partner with Jeff Staple, a streetwear pioneer, who shares the Fossil team’s love of product innovation.”

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Images courtesy of Fossil