Multitools come in a variety of shapes and sizes these days, depending on their purposes. But not many of them are designed to cause so much destruction as the Stanley FUBAR Demo Bar ($31). I mean, with a name that stands for ‘Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition’, what would you expect?

For the fun times when you need to get some demolition work done, this tool can be your best friend, as it can be used both as a crowbar and as a an axe (which can be sharpened), so you can tear down wooden stuff like a champ. Heck, it can even replace your camp hatchet, while adding pry bar capabilities to your outdoor bag with no added weight!

The Fubar weights 1.9 pounds (862 grams), measures in at 14.2 x 3.8 x 2.4 inches, and has a bolt-on grip for more comfort and reduced slipping. It’s definitely a tough little bugger, and it might smash a few zombies too, however we recommend using something with more swing radius when you’re defending yourself from the encroaching undead …

Stanley FUBAR Demolition Bar 2

Stanley FUBAR Demolition Bar 1