The year 2020 has brought upon a series of problems that have negatively affected the world in more ways than one. While the healthcare and commerce all reported huge loses, the entertainment and gaming sector of the latter saw remarkable growth. Demand for video game software and hardware continue to rise and Wizama hopes to grab a piece of the pie with the SquareOne. This product merges the experience of both digital and tabletop gaming into one awesome package.

According to the manufacturer, the SquareOne is what one would call a board game console. Yep, we know it might sound odd at first, but it does exactly what its description implies. It seems a lot of people find this crowdfunding project cool as it already met its goal. Moreover, it appears to be shipping out soon to those who were able to secure a preorder spot for this gadget.

We’re sure some of you might be wondering how it works. Wizama notes: “Gather around a unique game experience! The perfect blend of board games and video games that gives life to your cards, pawns and dice.” SquareOne is basically a hybrid platform that aims to introduce a layer of interactivity to various games you would traditionally just play with dice, cards, and other similar items. Meanwhile, you might want to check out our best 41 adult card & board games.

After winning last year’s CES Innovation Award, the outlook was generally positive. The SquareOne lets players enjoy various games by adding visual elements via the 19-inch 1280 x 1024-resolution IPS display. The device keeps track of the piece with the help of NFC technology and other sensors. To make gameplay immersive, dual stereo speakers output audio in context to the title in play. Other notable features include a save/resume function, remote multiplayer, and more.

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Images courtesy of Wizama