You can never be too careful about hidden cameras. Especially in hotels, Airbnb rentals, communal bathrooms, or other private spaces accessible to the general public. If you’re worried that hidden Wi-Fi cameras are secretly recording your every move in spaces that are supposed to be private, the SpyFinder Pro is what you need.

This wee device is currently seeking some funding over at Kickstarter. The pitch is it can detect all kinds of hidden cameras no matter how surreptitiously they’re hidden. These days, you’ll find cameras hidden in teddy bears, doorbells, alarm clocks, and even chargers. Of course, this isn’t a problem in your own home. We understand that you just want to make sure visitors aren’t doing anything goofy while inside your humble abode. This is, however, a problem when you’re in other places. What if some creep puts a hidden camera in your hotel room?

With the SpyFinder Pro, you get a compact hidden camera detector that locates all hidden cameras. Yes, even those invisible to the naked eye. It’s very simple to use. Just pop in batteries, turn it on, and a series of strobe lights will begin blinking. While the lights are going off, you’ll look through the hole in the SpyFinder Pro periscope-style to check areas where you suspect cameras are hidden. The lights will reflect off the lens when there’s a hidden camera, and you will see it as a bright dot.

It’s important to note that the SpyFinder Pro won’t quash all your fears of non-consensual surveillance. After all, it won’t be able to detect if you’re being recorded or GPS-tracked. But if you at least want to make sure no one violates your privacy while in your personal space, then you should definitely consider backing the campaign.