Spyderco SzaboHawk H01 Tomahawk
If you’re looking for a chopping or throwing axe, don’t buy the Spyderco SzaboHawk H01 Tomahawk ($206)! This isn’t any of those. This is strictly a weapon, meant for close combat and armor piercing and that sort of things, which means you’ll probably never need it (hopefully). Still, it’s cool as s..*!

Made by pioneering blade experts at Spyderco (Colorado, U.S.A.), and designed by martial artist, military veteran, and law enforcement officer (damn!) Laci Szabo, the SzaboHawk is “a highly evolved hand axe design that offers impressive combative and utilitarian performance.” It has a full-tang .300-inch (7.6mm) thick piece of tough D2 tool steel that’s sandwiched between smooth G-10 scales, providing a comfy & secure grip. The arcing shape of the handle allows for a full range of hand positions, the head has a hammer on the back and a faceted edge that concentrates its chopping power & prevents it from binding in a target, while the chisel-ground butt end serves as a pry tool & focused-impact weapon. The SzaboHawk is coated in dark, anti-corrosive titanium carbonitride and comes with a molded Boltaron blade cover. Badass to the bone!

Spyderco SzaboHawk H01 Tomahawk 2

Spyderco SzaboHawk H01 Tomahawk 3