Apart from sustainable mobility solutions, there are other ways for people to help reduce our carbon footprint. Recycling and upcycling are currently trending among global companies, while alternative power sources are also actively in development. With some homes no longer reliant on the grid, Anker introduces a scalable energy storage system called the SOLIX X1.

The Chinese firm started out small in the consumer electronics scene with a lineup of high-quality mobile charging products. Now considered a household name, the company caters to a more diverse market like it does with the SOLIX X1. At only 5.9″ thick, it’s as slim as it gets and ideal for residences with limited spaces.

Never worry about power shortages as the SOLIX X1 automatically engages Storm Guard Mode when the National Weather Services issues a warning. When the grid goes out, it takes less than 20 microseconds to switch to its reserves for a seamless transition. Hook it up to solar panels to prepare for lengthy outages.

Engineered to withstand the elements, Anker says the efficiency stays optimal in temperatures as low as -4°F,  and as high as 131°F.  The basic package includes a Power Module and a Battery Module. You can fully customize the number of units based on the capacity needed to run essential and heavy appliances.

“Anker SOLIX X1 transforms your power experience. Store solar energy during the day for nighttime use or off-grid. Enjoy savings on your power bill, too,” reads the press kit. “Connect X1 with Anker SOLIX Microinverter and EV Charger (both products release later this year) to create a home micro-grid for increased energy independence fueled by free solar power, daily.”

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Images courtesy of Anker