Unless you’re totally cut off from society, advanced robotics have been integrated into commercial products for years now. For example, every floor in a modern home these days is regularly kept clean by a robot vacuum. Meanwhile, Husqvarna offers something similar but is dedicated to the upkeep of your lawn. This is the Automower 320 NERA!

Time to say goodbye to another time-consuming chore as this bad boy takes over for you! No more pushing or riding around your home’s perimeter just to keep the grass in control. Similar to a robot vacuum, it can accurately navigate around obstacles and stay within virtual boundaries set by the user.

Its functionalities can be directly controlled via Husqvarna’s Automower Connect app. Your Automower 320 NERA does away with traditional boundaries that rely on wires. Regarding the latter, we’ve read countless reviews of similar platforms complaining about cable breakage

It could be due to their robotic lawn mower or possibly through the material’s corrosion from exposure to the elements over time. The Swedish group’s solution is the EPOS satellite navigation system. Assign no-go zones, target areas, schedules, and more with the companion app.

Another cool feature of the Automower 320 NERA is the patented non-fixed front axis. This improves maneuverability and allows the robot to easily move around even on uneven terrain. Husqvarna says it can even handle slopes with a 50% incline.

For those wondering, the product page tells us, “The mower can also be integrated with your smart home so you can use voice control with Alexa or Google Home, or take advantage of IFTTT routines.” Finally, a charging station is supplied so the Automower 320 NERA can keep its batteries topped-up when not in use.

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Images courtesy of Husqvarna