There are a whole host of reasons why you may want to use photo and video editing software, whether you create your own content or want to generate stunning imagery for almost any need. With advancements in tech and software that has a whole host of applications across niches, you can now streamline every endeavor with intuitive AI that simply performs. With the rise in e-commerce and social media platforms, visual content is the most valuable way to get your message across, so video and photo editing software is becoming a key tool.

Who needs photo and video editing tools in 2023?

When it comes to online environments, anyone can make use of photo and video editing tools, whether they want to improve their schoolwork, promote goods and services, build an online persona, or anything in between. One of the top ways to improve your content is imagery, whether you’re doing a presentation, handing in coursework, or sharing your interests on social media. Everyone from businesses to entrepreneurs and freelancers, to students, and anyone wanting to improve their imagery can do just that with little fuss and no technical knowledge with CapCut.

What is CapCut?

CapCut is an online platform that aims to bring nothing short of the latest in AI technology to audiences that need to enhance their photos and videos. With a stunningly designed website that prioritizes ease of use, it will be so simple to find the tools you need and either enhance or generate imagery in mere seconds. Almost all tools have a drag and drop feature and one click protocols – and everything is entirely free. The capabilities don’t stop there either; CapCut also has its own cloud software where all of your activities can be stored and reaccessed as necessary, so you can keep all of your work in one place. Users can make a free account in minutes to have access to everything the website has to offer, but they can also simply edit via the right page, as and when they need, without a profile.

What tools will you find on CapCut?
  1. Speech to text software

When creating videos for audiences of any demographic, subtitles are a great way to ensure reach and comprehension and CapCut has one of the most functional speech to text tools on the market right now. Modern audiences are very discerning and like to have a combination of audio and written transcriptions, so they can watch videos in any environment and not miss out. As consumer sentiment now moves faster than ever before, if a video doesn’t catch attention in seconds, viewers will go elsewhere. This is an important factor to keep in mind when you’re trying to increase click-throughs and engagement. 

  1. Text to speech software

In 2023, it will be difficult to find a video that doesn’t have an AI voiceover, as these are the trending elements this year. Opening up accessibility for content creators who want to upload in English (or other languages) or that don’t want to use their own voices, CapCut’s highly intuitive tool takes text and transforms it into dynamic audio. Users can choose from an array of lifelike male and female voices – and switch between the two – all while customizing options to ensure that videos don’t lose out on quality or brand message.

  1. Photo restoration

This platform has an old photo restoration tool that can be used to reinstate images to their former glory without the need for professional help. There is a growing need for digitization and the high-powered AI is able to identify any elements that shouldn’t be present (such as scratches, mold, and noise), correct them, and then perform colorization and reconstructions – all to professional results and in seconds. It even has unrivaled facial recognition capabilities to help maintain images of loved ones and important subjects. 

  1. AI image upscaler

CapCut’s AI image upscaler is one of the most cutting-edge tools available right now that takes images to 4K, no matter their size or current quality. With protocols to sharpen edges, denoise, and perform detail enhancement, even the tiniest aspects will be elevated. The software has the ability to take everything from real photography to drawings and upscale them, but even pictures fully generated with AI can also be transformed.

Is photo and video editing necessary?

If you have a business that operates online or even markets in digital portals, stunning images, and impactful videos will definitely set you ahead of the competition. If you use social media to reach audiences or even just to interact with friends or family, it can be a worthwhile idea to showcase your posts in their best light. Even school and work presentations can be enhanced to increase comprehension and grab attention. This means that it can be necessary for many uses, but also worthwhile for many others.