As most people call it, q Rolls-Royce is a motoring masterpiece. Each hand-built machine that rolls out of the illustrious marque’s Goodwood, England facility is considered the pinnacle of luxury and engineering. Thus, most owners like their cars the way they are, but it doesn’t mean customizations are not available. Take the SPOFEC Black Badge Ghost, for example.

This is NOVITEC’s special division that exclusively handles those under the Spirit of Ecstasy’s fleet. As much as purists prefer to keep their rides in their original state, the allure of something more is too tempting to resist. As a Black Badge, the Series II Ghost is already the top-of-the-line trim from the British carmaker.

However, SPOFEC understands exactly what it needs to do to retain the elegance yet boost performance and opulence. Subtle tweaks to the body make it even more aerodynamic. A custom carbon fiber styling kit package includes the front/rear bumpers, fenders, side panels, and rear spoiler lip.

According to the team, this gives it “an even more extravagant appearance.” Next on the list is the engine. SPOFEC endows the Black Badge Ghost with a special tuning package. The upgrades boost the twin-turbo V12’s output to 706 horsepower and 739 lb-ft of torque. With this, the stealthy four-door vehicle can go from zero to 62 mph in 4.3 seconds.

Meanwhile, the top speed remains electronically locked to 155 mph. A Rolls-Royce already handles like a dream. Nonetheless, it still receives a SPOFEC CAN-Tronic suspension add-on to adjust the Black Badge Ghost’s ride height when it hits speeds of more than 80 mph. Finally, the shop outfits the car with a set of 22” SP2 rims by Vossen for a complete dashing ensemble.

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Images courtesy of SPOFEC/NOVITEC