Spirit of Boston Whiskies 3

A lot of men who drink beer (us included) are also whiskey lovers and vice-versa.  The explanation is simple: whisk(e)y is basically a beer without the hops, that has been distilled 2-3 times.  So why not take an already existing great-tasting brew, distill it and make a new hooch?  That was the idea that started the Spirit of Boston Whiskies ($40).

Freshly released by the Boston Harbor Distillery, the unique spirits arrive in three flavors, based on three different Sam Adams beers: New World Belgian Tripel, 13th Hour Stout, and Merrymaker Gingerbread Stout.  With an alcohol proof of 84, and temping aromas of candied lemon peel and salted toffee, cinnamon&cocoa, or roasted orange and gingerbread cookies, the Spirit of Boston Whiskies seem to be the perfect companions for the winter holidays.

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