Are you like the many who start their day with a hot cup of joe? Over the years, technology has made the process even more accessible even for those who are always in a hurry. When you want professional-grade performance and results, Spinn offers convenience and a new spin on how we prepare our daily dose of jitter juice.

Aesthetically, the Spinn already sets itself apart from what coffee makers normally look like. It sports a cylindrical body and is available in a silver color only. The lid features a transparent section on the edges and at the top, so you can see if the hopper needs a refill or not.

According to the manufacturer, instead of forcing heated pressurized water through a puck of ground coffee and the filter, this machine does things differently. A centrifugal system spins the coffee and injects hot water inside a special chamber with a filter.

The forces it generates then extract that aromatic and addicting beverage we all love. Its novelty doesn’t end there! You see, owners have complete control over every aspect of their drink. You can interact with the Spinn via the touch controls or go hands-free via Alexa.

However, the companion app is really where you get to play with the nuances of your brew. Use it to remotely craft a cup. Fine-tune the settings like the water level, coffee strength, and how fast it spins.

The quality of water is just as essential as the coffee beans so its reservoir even has an integrated filter. The Spinn features a height-adjustable drip tray, so it can accommodate standard cups and even a carafe. Since it only grinds the coffee beans shortly before brewing, your beverage is as fresh as it gets.

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Images courtesy of Spinn