For those of you who have picked up trail running amid the pandemic, there’s a good selection of gear curated for your activity. What many first-timers fail to take into account is how it differs from regular running on pavement, rubberized running tracks, or on a treadmill. Green colorways have been awesome as of late so we would like to suggest the SL:PDX from Speedland.

Most of you know we love darker tones on our gear. As much as we want to see a blackout version of the SL:PDX, the vibrant mint green with hints of black and olive look great. Always keep in mind that trail running will subject your feet to a wider range of motion.

Therefore, it will demand a lot of flexibility from your footwear. So, choose the right size for that snug yet comfortable fit. Speedland helps us out via a combination of materials and closure systems. The shoe touts a knit upper with Dyneema composite fabric that enhances durability.

Meanwhile, the PerformFit Wrap with a BOA Li2 dial lacing system lets you make fine adjustments. These assure users that the SL:PDX will adapt to your movements with each stride. Trail running normally involves rough terrain, which is why a removable carbitex plate protects our feet.

Moreover, it also works with the Pebax SCF midsole to improve energy return to propel runners forward. Superior grip comes from the Michelin textile web outsole secured by Dyneema moccasin stitching. Speedland lets us change the traction profile via 3-mm lugs which can be cut. This makes the SL:PDX a modular option for trail runners.

Buy – $375

Imaged courtesy of Speedland