Nobody can deny that the most recent pandemic was one of the worst experiences anyone could have. Not only was travel limited, but people were also urged to remain at home unless it was absolutely necessary to go out for essential items. At the time, demand surged for home workout products surged. If you are interested in staying fit at home, check out the Gym Pal.

This fitness system is just one of the several offered by Speediance and is billed as a “the mighty home gym.” We’ve featured our fair share of comprehensive exercise machines, but are always eager to see what others bring to the table. What you need to look for is something that targets all the major muscle groups. So far, this bad boy does so.

It measures 32″ x 6″ x 23″ and weighs 70 lbs. It’s easy to store after use as it can stand upright or fit under furniture. It’s constructed out of high-strenght carbon structural steel, aluminum alloy, TPE, ABS, PC, and suede. At a glance, the Gym Pal resembles a slightly larger step platform used in aerobic routines.

However, a close-up inspection shows a cable that needs to be plugged in. Also, there are cables attached to rollers on each flank. The raised sections that gently slope upward are purely aesthetic as these house the crucial components — powerful brushless DC motors. 

It supports a maximum resistance weight of about 220 lbs. Adjustments are made in increments of one pound to really dial in those gains. It’s engineered to generate resistance that mimics free weights. Moreover, the Gym Pal can be toggled between four modes that add variation to your desired workouts. Grab the Pro Max bundle which includes a range of accessories.

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Images courtesy of Speediance