Among sustainable personal transportation solutions, e-bikes are creeping up the rankings. With the popularity of cycling at an all-time high, consumers prefer a platform that can switch from pedal power to electric motors on the fly. Therefore, Specialized unveils its latest generation models with the Turbo Tero as the newcomer.

The brand has been in the business since 1974 and continues to innovate its fleet of two-wheelers and accessories. In 2009, Specialized introduced its first electric bike and the Turbo catalog welcomes new upgrades. Also, the e-bikes receiving cutting-edge tweaks include the Como and Vado.

Moreover, the fresh face among the group is the Turbo Tero. This newcomer promises “unrivaled power, confidence, and versatility,” according to the product page. It is a high-performance all-arounder for riders who welcome the dynamic shift in terrain and the challenges that follow.

This means Specialized is taking its 40 plus years of manufacturing experience and building an e-bike with flexible capabilities. Likewise, you can use it for almost every scenario imaginable as its DNA adapts to urban and off-road landscapes. The powerful 2.2 motor is backed by a removable 710-Wh battery.

Hence, even with an additional load of about 60 lbs, the Turbo Tero’s pedal-electric powertrain won’t make you break a sweat. As such, it’s time for you to gear up and go. At the heart of its intuitive features is the MasterMind TCD controller. Pair your e-bike with Specialized’s Mission Control companion app and enjoy the convenience it delivers.

For additional safety, Specialized equips the Turbo Tero with a rear-facing radar to warn you of potential fender benders or worse. Moreover, the advanced anti-theft system remotely renders the electric motor unusable, while the motion sensors trigger an alarm when someone attempts to steal your ride.

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Images courtesy of Specialized