Harley-Davidson might be dead last on anyone’s mind when it comes to cycling. Nevertheless, its years of building badass two-wheelers are not just going to waste. The American motorcycle manufacturer’s push for sustainability is already underway with the LiveWire ONE as its latest electric motorcycle. Now, it’s ready to break into urban mobility with the sleek Serial 1 MOSH/TRIBUTE.

Longtime fans of the legendary brand now have a chance to own this limited-edition model. As of this writing, all units of the large version are already spoken for. Nonetheless, you can still grab the medium which is still in stock as of this writing. You can check if this is the right fit for you via the “Size Guide” on the MOSH/TRIBUTE webpage.

As the name suggests, it is an exclusive offering based on Serial 1’s first prototype. Eventually, it was turned into the MOSH/CTY which is the silhouette that inspired the MOSH/TRIBUTE. True to the original, it sports a glossy black coat with graphics in gold. Adding to its old-school appeal are the Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires in white rubber.

The drivetrain uses a mid-mounted Brose S MAG motor that produces up to 66 lb-ft of torque. It connects to a single freewheel hub with a Gates carbon fiber belt drive. Now you can pedal with confidence as the electric assist helps tackle inclines like a boss.

When you want to just cruise solely on electric power, the 529-Wh lithium-ion battery takes over. Depending on the cyclist’s pedal input and ride mode, the range varies from 35 to 105 miles on a full charge. Deliveries of the MOSH/TRIBUTE should be in time for the holiday season.

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Images courtesy of Serial 1/Harley-Davidson