The cycling craze is showing no signs of slowing down just yet. The demand for sustainable two-wheelers and gear related to the activity is at an all-time high. Analysts project it will remain that way for the foreseeable future. With the 2022 Tour de France underway, Specialized times the announcement of its collection of S-Works helmets.

There are three models that received revamps, and each still touts exceptional aerodynamics, airflow, and comfort. Depending on the type of discipline you focus on, Specialized caters to their consumers’ needs and more. Feedback from consumers and professionals, in addition to actual testing, allows the company to improve upon the previous generation’s gaps.

First on the list of new-generation S-Works helmets is the Evade 3. According to its findings, Specialized is supposedly improving airflow without compromising its already excellent aerodynamics. Therefore, it now boasts larger front vents that enhance ventilation and a new rear diffuser.

Next, we have the Prevail 3. This headgear is engineered to provide the best-in-class protection for cyclists who love a challenge. The goal is a reduction in weight, but the retention of optimal comfort and protection. Thus, this recent S-Works entry drops foam bridges in favor of a narrow carbon roll cage. Aramid cable weaves across the structure and attaches to the composite side panels

Finally, we have the TT5 which will benefit riders who want outstanding aerodynamics. With the help of studies in fluid dynamics, Specialized tweaks the rear outline to extend over the user’s shoulders. Meanwhile, the interior features a proprietary system that keeps this S-Works helmet in place during extreme movements. Overall, we’re looking at a trio of cutting-edge head protection equipment that never compromises rider safety.

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Images courtesy of Specialized