Fast doesn’t have to mean uncomfortable. In fact, you really can’t focus on speed if something is off about your bike, especially if it feels ergonomically unsound. The Specialized Roubaix is a great choice that deals with both reasonably.

The best bikers in the world didn’t reach the finish line with a scraggly ride. They reached that milestone because their gear choices were topnotch, designed to withstand even the most unforgiving terrains. Specialized took the experience of riding cobbles at 28mph and used it to make a bike you can sit comfortably on even while coursing through very poorly maintained tracks. Not only that, but one that’s also stiff and aerodynamic enough to compete with the best bikes in the world.

It’s not the lightest of racing bikes, though. But it is very, very comfortable — fitting for riders who want to take it even further. It surely won’t hold a candle to the Specialized’s Tarmac or Venge models, to be frank. Even still, it’s far more comfortable than either of those. Key to this is its Pavé seatpost, which features an aero-shaped design specifically made to boost rider comfort.

The bike features Future Shock 2.0 technology which Specialized brought in previous model years. Designed for rough-terrain riding, it ensures a smooth, efficient ride as you roam around uneven landscapes. This new version also lets users adjust the damping and stiffness of the shock. That goes a long way to making the bike be more rigid and responsive. Hit the link below to find out how you can buy.