It seems like the recently concluded Japan Mobility Show and SEMA Show both shared some fascinating details about the future of overlanding. Both expos previewed unique off-road platforms as well as aftermarket builds to delight those with adventurous souls. We believe Mitsubishi’s D:X concept presents an exciting outlook for the oft-neglected van.

With the majority of carmakers clearly shifting to sustainable systems earlier than their projected road maps, it’s safe to say battery technology has immensely improved over the years. Although the automotive industry acknowledges that not everyone is ready to ditch their petrol-powered rides, perhaps innovations down the line will finally convince them otherwise.

Meanwhile, Mitsubishi may have taken this into account when its team proposed the D:X concept. As data from surveys show, a hybrid powertrain is an ideal middle ground for potential buyers who are concerned about EV mileage. This van flaunts a rugged yet stylishly aggressive silhouette with a combination of geometric and curved body panels. From the cockpit, a huge digital panel on the dashboard simulates a see-through hood to assist with navigation and traversal over rough terrain.

Billed as an off-road-ready six-seater, it features multiple forward-facing lighting sources. In some of the images, we can see a roof storage unit attached with additional LED lights positioned just above the windshield. You’ll also notice a pair of winglets with rear-facing cameras have replaced the side mirrors. These could double as grab bars alongside the side bars given the high ground clearance of the D:X concept.

Mitsubishi likewise confirms that the spacious cabin is modular and caters to people who prefer to incorporate sleeping spaces and more. Basically, this tells us the D:X concept would make a wonderful camper should the owner want it. The two front seats can also swivel to face the rear. The combination of conventional doors at the front and sliding doors at the rear makes it easy to access the interiors.

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Images courtesy of Mitsubishi