Almost all of us welcomed the year 2020 with open arms and expected great things. However, it seems that what was in store would be a big challenge for everyone across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic is perhaps the biggest issue as it continues its rampage. In fact, the outbreak is likewise causing problems for professional sports such as basketball. Nevertheless, fans of retired NBA superstar Kobe Bryant are still mourning his untimely death. Meanwhile, Spalding is paying tribute to his amazing career with the Kobe 94 Series Silver.

While he is Kobe Bryant to many, some prefer to call him by many names. However, most know him as The Black Mamba for his fierce tenacity while on the court. He entered the league as a Laker and left it as one and for those in Los Angeles he belongs with the greats like Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and many others.

Spalding, on the other hand, is presenting a limited-edition basketball that many will immediately associate with him. The premium composite material boasts a snakeskin pattern which the manufacturer reveals is for a specific reason.

While it’s easy to assume that it stands for the serpent associated with him, Spalding has something else in mind. According to the Kobe 94 Series Silver product page, it represents his continuous growth and renewal. He adapts to whatever comes his way and as such sheds his skin just as a snake does when it grows.

The Kobe 94 Series Silver ships inflated in regulation size and weight. The basketball features a display box which collectors will surely keep intact. To make it even extra special, Kobe Bryant’s signature and jersey number are embossed in silver.

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Images courtesy of Spalding