If you want to take your workout to the next level and are fed up with the problems associated with clumpy concoctions that haven’t mixed properly, nasty pre-mixed drinks and protein degradation, then take a look at the Space Shaker.

This is a very slick and cool high-quality shaker bottle that has been designed to be easy to use, space-efficient and incredibly portable. Speaking about ease of use, you simply filly the collapsed bottle with the relevant amount of supplement powder you need, close the lid and take it wherever you are going.

When you need a supplement hit, unscrew the lid, pour in water, close the lid around the top and then shake to make a silky smooth drink that will hit the spot with no clumps or unpleasant textures. One of the best things about this bottle, aside from the collapsible design, is the mixer on the inside of the lid itself, as this helps to ensure all of your supplement is mixed properly with the water.

Even that jagged design plays a part, not only ensuring you have a comfortable and firm grip of the bottle at all times but that your chosen supplement mixes completely.

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