Although Tesla’s highly anticipated all-electric pickup truck is once again missing a 2022 delivery date, third-party automotive accessory companies are hyping up wares of their own. With so many people already planning outdoor excursions aboard their Cybertruck, the Space Camper is ready to provide top-notch features for your ride.

We’ve seen several Cybertruck campers, but what Space Campers offers is the most streamlined yet. Its angular outline matches that of Tesla’s new platform which looks sleek when it’s closed. The form factor makes the EV look like a futuristic van, but that all changes when you park and experience its capabilities.

Buyers can choose between a black gel coat – to match the matte black colorway of some Cybertrucks. A stainless-steel armor option enhances the thermal shielding properties of the Space Camper.

Moreover, it boosts durability and is visually seamless with the standard finish of the electric pickup truck. Universal L-track runners on the roof allow you to pair the Space Camper with a bunch of accessories. Pneumatic cylinders make it easy to lift, which also reveals a Murphy-style bed with detachable hinges.

Its holder can even double as a table suitable for various applications. Clients can have Space Campers customize their units according to what they need. The walls feature storage sections for your gear and essentials. Adjustable awnings provide ample shade from the harsh rays on a sunny day.

Deck it out with a sink, induction cooktop, portable electric cooler, water tanks and more. Just like Cybertruck, the Space Camper is a tough customer that utilizes aerospace-grade composites and other robust materials in its construction. How would you customize it?

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Images courtesy of Space Campers