How are your summer plans working out so far? Not everyone is lucky to have to take a break from work and enjoy what the season has to offer. Still, those who do are likely spending their sweet time engaging in various types of recreation. Apart from accommodations, food, and beverages, many consider music as an essential part of the experience. Soundcore’s Boom 2 Plus is one of the better options for some fun under the sun.

Although the season is ideal for all types of outdoor activities, Mother Nature can be fickle. Even when there are barely any clouds, sudden showers do happen. Furthermore, most of us love to take a dip or hang out close to water for easy access to a quick relief from the heat. Soundcore took into account the usual situations that could damage electronics and built a robust Bluetooth speaker.

The Boom 2 Plus is a portable audio device designed with an IPX7-rated housing. The manufacturer also takes durability a notch higher to make it floatable. Waterproofing this bad boy is already a remarkable feat of engineering, but adding some buoyancy is hands-down an outstanding selling point.

We know there is a lot of positive feedback regarding Anker’s subsidiary and this rugged SKU tells us why. The Boom 2 Plus is available in three stylish shades: Phantom Black, Adventure Green, and Explorer Blue. Behind the grilles are dual 50W woofers and two 20W tweeters to cover a wide sound stage but with emphasis on the bass.

Soundcore went with understated hues instead of vibrant colors for a reason. At each end of the tube are passive radiators with LED modules mounted over them that users can chromatically customize. Eight unique lighting effects illuminate in sync with the beat of your music. Take your pick from Bounce, Rainbow, Energy, Flash, Scan, Cyclone, Flame, and Lightning presets.

Fully charged, the Boom 2 Plus promises up to 20 hours of nonstop music playback. Backed by Anker’s renowned expertise in charging solutions, Soundcore says it can fully recharge in three hours with a 30W fast-charging power adapter. Its batteries also double as a 10W power bank if you need to top up other devices.

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Images courtesy of Soundcore/Anker Innovation