The South Mountain House sits on a sloping site near the Shawangunk Mountains in New York and is divided into two volumes anchored by a glass corridor. The private entry volume houses the guest suites while the lower volume leads to a glass-enclosed rear facade that boasts expansive wooded views in the bedrooms and main living area.  

The residential property is home to a family of three with one member an avid hiker and trail runner, thus they chose the location because of its proximity to the mountains.  The slope encouraged a terraced design for the home, which has a smaller front facade that provides privacy for the lower volume.

Meanwhile, a clear sightline leading from the main entrance to the sloping backyard connects the two volumes and pulls your eye all the way through the home. Then a glass-enclosed stairway connects the upper and lower volumes. Despite the terraced volumes, the rooflines align with each other to create a double-height living area that is the focal point of the South Mountain House.

Other notable features of the home include the nine-foot-tall entry which leads to a fifteen-foot-tall window wall that opens the living area to natural light and connects indoors and outdoors, making it a perfect area to host guests. Then staggered window lines create a playful facade while ensuring uninterrupted outside views whether seated or standing.

Then from the living area of the South Mountain House is a lowered deck that continues to open the home to the natural scenery. In terms of color, the darker wood-clad exterior is in contrast to the interior which is filled with pops of color from the wallpapers to the light fixtures that brighten each space.

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Images courtesy of Studio MM