The SOUNDBOKS Go speaker is ready to tag along wherever the music takes you. This travel-friendly music box packs a host of modern features for an immersive listening experience.

For starters, it’s portable enough to carry around. It has a weight of 9.2 kg and a size of 18″ × 12″ × 10.” It is dust and water-resistant. has an ABS + Polycarbonate cabinet and grill, a reinforced ABS casing, and a silicone rubber extruded protecting bumper. Then there’s the built-in reinforced top hat. It also comes with a TPE handle, a built-in front grill, and a polyester strap. 

Moreover, the SOUNDBOKS Go guarantees to stay with you for years of usage thanks to a powerful and durable LiFePO4 battery cell. It has a 5-step LED battery-life indicator, a DC connector for heavy-duty use, and a great battery management system that protects from overheating, short circuits, over and under voltage, and more.

Using a LiFePO4 battery means you can swap it out when needed. Speaking of battery, this speaker system gives you an amazing 40 hours of listening at mid-volume and ten hours for full volume. It recharges fast too at 3.5 hours. ,

Meanwhile, other useful functions include Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless connectivity. It has an accompanying app where you can customize sound profiles, enhance boost and loudness, and get upgrades on firmware and sound performance. YOu can connect up to five SOUNDBOKS Go for an immersive listening experience. 

Then on the technical side, the SOUNDBOKS Go packs a 10” woofer and a 1” silk dome tweeter. It features Merus Audio eximo amp switching and a couple of 72W continuous – Class D amplifiers. It’s the perfect music gear for outdoor parties because of its dentproof and splashproof body. Plus, it is packable, swingable, and tossable. 

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Images courtesy of SOUNDBOKS