Late in 2021, Brian Eno introduced a trippy way for vinyl enthusiasts to listen to their collection. Simply dubbed the Turntable, it was crafted mostly out of acrylic with a generous distribution of LED lighting within. As such, it bathes any room with a mesmerizing glow, while in use. After that successful venture, it earned a follow-up aptly called the Turntable II.

We know it’s too early to call it, but 2024 might be a great year for a new wave of cool stuff for us to be thrilled about. Digital formats and streaming may be the ideal way for people to enjoy their favorite tunes, but audiophiles will always argue about which medium is the best. On the other hand, the music industry caters to all.

Eno’s Turntable II may seem like a novelty item at first glance, but its highly limited production run and eye-watering price tag tell us otherwise. Unlike its predecessor, this latest version ditches the geometric outline for curvature and ends up as a circular platform. Moreover, the signature gimmick remains intact as it should be.

33 rpm and 45 rpm playback speeds are supported as the translucent plinth and platter dynamically shift between various neon colors. The chromatic light show adds a hint of psychedelic immersion to your listening experience. Eno endows this bad boy with a “white 8.6” Pro-Ject aluminium tone-arm and an Ortofon White 2M cartridge.

For those wondering, the RGB LEDs are addressable for curating a bespoke visual element matching the acoustics. It measures 45 cm in diameter and stands 15 cm high. The product page indicates 150 examples of the Turntable II are up for grabs with 20 artist proofs. The serialization is engraved on the edge of its base.

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Images courtesy of Brian Eno/Paul Stolper Gallery