Have you ever noticed that most premium turntables come in limited colorways? Most of the time manufacturers play it safe and go for all-black. Occasionally, we do get options in white, gray, or other metallic tones. Thankfully, Pro-Ject Audio Systems opts to break the norm with its Colorful Audio System. For those who want to give vinyl a go, this is a good place to start.

Firstly, you should all know that we do not claim to be audiophiles here. In fact, we enjoy our music in any format as long as it’s readily available and convenient when a spur-of-the-moment listening session comes to mind. However, those with a keen ear for all the acoustic nuances an artist wants us to hear will tell you to grab a vinyl copy of your favorite album.

Although a more budget-friendly package would suffice, you might as well invest in a top-notch set to get the best bang for your buck. As it says, the Colorful Audio System is ideal for folks who want shades other than the usual. Hence, Pro-Ject Audio Systems is eager to oblige with six curated hues: Satin Black, Satin Blue, Satin Green, Satin White, Satin Yellow, and Walnut.

As you can see, it pretty much covers the spectrum of what consumers would likely pick for their turntable. The Colorful Audio System includes everything one needs to get started. We have the Debut Carbon EVO, MaiA S3 integrated amp with phono and DAC, Speaker Box 5 S2 bookshelf speakers, Connect it LS S2 speaker cables, and Damp it TPE speaker isolation pods.

All components are proudly handcrafted in Europe to deliver exquisite aesthetics and high-fidelity playback of your favorite records. Of course, Pro-Ject Audio Systems also provides a wide range of optional add-ons for owners who want to upgrade down the line. The Colorful Audio System starts at $1,999 and should be easy enough to set up even for vinyl newbies.

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Images courtesy of Pro-Ject Audio Systems