If you plan to rack up some miles on your bike or get into your workout routine at home or in the gym, then you need something comfortable to wear. A breathable and durable pair of cycling shorts or pants paired with a jacket or windbreaker when outdoors is a good option. Souke Sports has a collection of cycling apparel fit for any fitness occasion.

In today’s modern advancements in technology, people find ways to become sustainable in a bid to protect Mother Nature. Automobiles have slowly progressed from being fueled by gas or diesel to electricity. But nothing beats the classic manually pedaled vehicle- the bicycle.

There is no reason the bicycle should not exist in this modern world. It is and will always remain a reliable means of transport no matter the destination. Whether you’re off to work, to the park, or hitting the trail, the bicycle always comes in handy. It allows you to commune with nature while letting you lose a few pounds along the way.

When it comes to cycling though, you have to wear bike-specific clothing for a comfortable and longer ride. Normal everyday clothes just won’t cut it. They can become uncomfortable the further you go. Souke Sports urban cyclewear not only provides comfort and protection from natural elements. They look stylish too. Below you will find five of the brand’s best cycling apparel from pants, bike gloves, windbreaker, and even a bike seat cover.

Winter Cycling Pants ($36.99) 10% off code: XYOX83J8


Souke Sports winter cycling pants keep you cozy and comfortable when riding in chilly conditions. It is made from 100 percent polyester to make it windproof. It is water-repellant and has a fleece-lined interior to keep you warm. Meanwhile, venting zips on the thighs allow for breathability so you don’t sweat as much.

This pair has the brand’s inherent reflective properties for visibility in low light conditions. It has front and back pockets and an elastic waistband with a drawstring for a comfortable fit.


The Souke Sports winter cycling pants have a curved and articulated knee design for mobility. The longer back and shorter front add thermal insulation and the tapered pant legs keep it away from the chain.

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4D Padded Bicycle Pants ($35.99) 10% off code: AL243PAL


The Pursuit Attack bike pants from Souke Sports provide protection and comfort during milder weather conditions. Made from 80 percent nylon and 20 percent spandex, the materials ensure breathability and dry feel

These bike pants feature a breathable mesh crotch, ankle zips for increased mobility and ventilation, and a wide elastic waistband for an accurate fit. It boasts a 4-way stretch fabric that moves with you and a 4D pad designed to keep up with your riding positions.

Moreover, these bicycle pants from Souke Sports boast multi-level thickness and density foam that gently and comfortably hug and supports your muscles. Night rides are possible with the 360-degree reflective print.

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Winter Cycling Jacket ($42.99)


A zip-up jacket with thermal insulation is best when it comes to biking or doing any sports training in cold conditions. This winter cycling jacket from Souke Sports has a windproof exterior made of 100 percent polyester and a warm fleece interior. The top layer is also water-resistant and comes with a breathable chest material for ventilation.

Adding insulation is the high cut collar, longer cuff design, and long bottom hem with a wide silicone band to keep the jacket snug no matter your movements. Meanwhile, reflective elements are on the front and back and a couple of side pockets and three back pockets provide storage options.

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Winter Cycling Gloves ($20.99)


Lightweight, double-stitched, water-resistant, windproof, and touch screen capacitive. These qualities and more keep your hands cozy and mobile when biking. Souke Sports winter cycling gloves are made from a combination of nylon, polyester, and polyurethane with thermal insulated fleece lining and extended knit wrist cuff closure for the ultimate warmth, fit, and comfort.

Its outer shell is windproof and water-resistant and the anti-slip silica gel strips that ran on the middle finger and the palm provide better grip and friction. The soft and durable microfiber palm also provides better abrasion resistance while rebound foam pads make road vibrations easy on the hands.

These bike gloves allow for dexterity with its 3-piece palm construction and ergonomic cut. It also boasts a microfiber thumb and touch screen capacitive fingertips so you can handle smart devices with the gloves on. As with the bike seat cover, Souke Sports winter cycling gloves have reflective properties for visibility in the dark.

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Gel-Padded Bike Seat Cover ($23.99)


Nothing is more painful than riding a bike that has a hard seat that provides no cushion. It restricts your movements and worse, gives you unimaginable sores that could mean the end of your biking excursions. This is why a soft, padded seat with an ergonomic fit is always a necessity.

The polyester bike seat cover from Souke Sports boasts enhanced impact absorption with its thick silicone gel and foam padding. It has a deep grove and hallow mesh that allows air circulation and a stretchy, breathable, and moisture-wicking spandex top layer offers comfort during long rides.


Meanwhile, non-slip particles spread around the underside prevents the seat from sliding and a Velcro strap allows for easy installation on narrow seats common with mountain, commuter, exercise, road, and stationary bikes. Souke Sports bike seat cover also comes with a water/dust cover and a reflective loop for night visibility.


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Souke Sports aims to “bring busy people out for themselves to enjoy the glory and beauty of nature.” Thus, they specialized in cycling accessories or bike wears that are comfortable, windproof, water-resistant, provides thermal insulation, and protection. They don’t sacrifice quality and style when it comes to your bike-specific gear.

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