The newest iteration of the Sony Walkman is a far more complex and full-featured audio playback device than its cassette tape-playing, AA battery devouring original could have ever imagined. The Sony ZX300 Walkman ($700) plays high-resolution audio and Mp3 files with a clarity that will satisfy even the most demanding audiophile.

Inside the noise reducing milled aluminum frame -with its matte glass screen and intuitive side key controls-, lie a number of quality sound innovations, including 11.2 MHz Direct Stream Digital playback and an S-Master HX digital amplifier for “utmost sonic purity”. The Walkman boasts specially designed FT CAP (high-polymer capacitors) that provide clean reliable voltage to keep the sound pure, while the circuit board also uses film capacitors for better linear response & less noise.

The Bluetooth LDAC wireless audio transmissions run at nearly three times the data stream of conventional audio profiles to produce better-than-CD quality sound through compatible speakers and headphones. There is a 64G onboard storage with a microSD card slot for even larger music collections and a battery that can provide over a day’s worth of listening even in its highest playback mode.