Sony might no longer be a huge contender in the smartphone market for quite a while now, but it does not mean that they have given up. In fact, despite the minimal publicity of their latest flagship models, tech pundits have lauded the imaging capabilities and bloat-free software of the devices. Meanwhile, we have a cool concept called the Xperia WX710 to check out.

As noted, this is not something in active development by Sony, but rather a proposed idea of what the Japanese company can do to rekindle interest among consumers. The latest top-of-the-line Xperia handsets are certainly not lacking when it comes to performance and features, but many find them too unimaginative.

Therefore, designer Shantanu Maheshwari shares his take on what a future entry could bring to the table. Given that almost every smartphone manufacturer these days also dabble with wearables, the Xperia WX710 explores creative methods to integrate both hardware and software into something modular yet cohesive.

There’s also a hint of nostalgia here as both the smartphone and smartwatch flaunt the iconic green and silver Sony Ericsson emblem. The Xperia WX710 appears to be sold as a bundle so that the two devices can interface with one another in a unique manner. With the help of magnets and wireless charging, it introduces a fascinating function.

The wearable detaches from its strap and magnetically attaches to the rear cover of the handset. It then turns into a secondary notification display for various apps. Reverse wireless charging technology allows the Xperia WX710 to recharge the accessory. Overall, this approach is both innovative and intuitive, but unfortunately won’t ever hit retailers. Perhaps some bold startup can draw inspiration from this.

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Images courtesy of Shantanu Maheshwari