By now, most gamers should already have their hands on Microsoft’s or Sony’s latest home consoles. The global silicon shortage a few years back made it almost impossible to buy one in-store and online. Now, the latest rumors are hinting at the PS5 Pro releasing just in time for the holiday season this year. If true, Nintendo could be in for a rough time if it delays the follow-up to the Switch any longer.

Data shows the PlayStation 5 has already sold more than 48 million units while the Xbox Series X/S combined is listed at close to 28 million units only. This places Sony squarely ahead of its rivals and in a position to invest substantial resources into its next major project. So far, insiders are hinting at a new handheld, while others believe an upgraded PlayStation 5 is due to arrive first.

To recall, there was a massive leak roughly a year or so before the PS5 was officially unveiled. It detailed technical specifications of what many speculated was the PS5 Pro. However, it was quickly shot down when only one version of the latest PlayStation at the time was introduced via an online showcase.

As expected, Sony denies everything about another SKU in the works. Their response is somewhat plausible given the redesigned PS5 was just recently launched. According to reports, the purported mid-generation addition to the lineup is chock full of noteworthy upgrades.

The PS5 Pro is supposedly capable of 8K visuals and enhanced ray tracing, which only the most powerful PC gaming rigs can muster. There is some weight behind all this given the information was supplied by the same person who accurately revealed details about the PS5 Slim before Sony announced it late last year.

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Images courtesy of Sony