Roughly a year after Sony launched the PlayStation 5, rumors began to spread about what’s to follow. Given that all their previous game systems received multiple remakes throughout their lifetime, its current-generation model was surely due for one soon. Roughly three years after its initial drop, we are finally getting a slimmed-down version just in time for the holidays.

Take note that the official press release in no way refers to it as the “PS5 Slim” despite what the gaming industry speculated and expected. Basically, it retains the same name, the two versions, but now flaunts a slightly more svelte figure, modularity, new accessories, and a minor upgrade, if you will.

Truth be told, we know everybody hoped a “Pro” version of the PlayStation 5 was also due to debut this year.  To give you a gist of what changes were made by Sony, the official blog post reads, “The new PS5 has been reduced in volume by more than 30%, and weight by 18% and 24% compared to the previous models.”

What eagle-eyed gamers immediately noticed was the notable change made to the console coves. What used to be only two removable panels have now been reworked into four parts. This is where the modular feature comes into play as the upcoming PlayStation 5 Digital Edition SKU can be converted into the standard model later.

This is via an official Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive for PS5 add-on. Although Sony did not specify, we think this likewise works the other way around. Aside from the slimmer form factor, the textures of the console covers are now glossy for the top half and matte at the bottom. Furthermore, the internal storage has been boosted from 750 GB to 1 TB.

If you need more space, a company spokesperson confirms the process should be the same as before. So far, what we’ve shared can be considered attractive selling points for those who held off since then. However, the revamped PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will cost $50 more this time around.

Thankfully, the regular version still retails for $499. Finally, a dual-purpose stand is no longer included. Instead, a new type of support system ships with your console and is only usable in the horizontal position. In a move that seems like another cash grab, Sony intends to sell a new vertical stand for $29.99. At least it is compatible with the older and newer PlayStation 5.

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Images courtesy of Sony