Even though companies market their mobile devices with audio enhancement technologies on board, the size of the speakers means the volume can only go so high. Hence, it’s best to invest in a great pair of headphones or perhaps a Bluetooth speaker. Meanwhile, Sony might just have something unique on their hands with the HT-AX7.

At first glance, you would think that it’s just another odd-looking smart speaker. You have a modern rounded body wrapped in acoustic fabric with touch controls positioned at the top flanked by two puck-like elements. However, there’s more to it as these two are detachable and remain wirelessly connected to the central base unit.

Sony calls the HT-AX7 a “portable theatre system with 360 spatial sound mapping.” The description is pretty accurate given users can position the auxiliary speakers anywhere in the room. When the Sound Field function is off, the speakers output high-quality audio that can fill the spaces in your home.

Turn the feature on and it automatically creates an acoustic atmosphere that enhances your movies or music. Innovations in Bluetooth and other wireless technologies allow the HT-AX7 to seamlessly pair with your device and with its components for a cord-free experience. Sadly, its compact size means it won’t replace a standard home theater setup.

Nevertheless, its elegant aesthetics makes it easy to position in any room in your home. As a nifty bonus, Sony is constructing the housing, fabric, and its other plastic parts from 100% PET bottles. This is a sustainable step that helps curb unnecessary waste that would just end up in landfills or the ocean. The HT-AX7 is up for preorder right now.

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Images courtesy of Sony