Do any of you own a vinyl player? We’re sure the accessibility of many music streaming services have pushed us to go all-digital these days. Still, there are audiophiles who prefer to listen to their vinyl records, which is why Sonus Faber unveils the Omnia – a premium all-in-one speaker system for the discerning turntable owner.

From the moment you see the sleek polyhedral silhouette, it’s clear that the Omnia exudes an upscale vibe. The speakers are available in two trims: Walnut and Graphite. The former appears more elegant and luxurious courtesy of the multilayer wood top. 

Meanwhile, the blackout version should appeal to listeners who want their audio setup to match the industrial motif of their home or office. The Omnia measures 5.11” x 25.59” x 11.05” and clocks in at about 16.75 lbs. Although the weight is manageable, portability is not really its strongest attribute.

Nonetheless, the striking design of its body will look right at home in the classiest of spaces. Sonus Faber crafts this model with versatility and vinyl enthusiasts in mind. The integrated phono stage allows people to hook up their turntables and enjoy their record collection.

Moreover, there’s an HDMI Arc 2 port, an Ethernet LAN port, and other analog inputs. Go wireless as the Omnia supports Chromecast, Apple AirPlay 2, and other Bluetooth audio codecs for high-fidelity playback. Inside the housing, Sonus Faber equips it with seven drivers rated at 490W altogether.

There are two 0.75-inch silk dome tweeters, a 6.5-inch long-throw aluminum cone woofer, two full-range drivers, and two three-inch paper pulp cone midrange drivers. The in-house CRESCENDO signal processing system ensures top-notch acoustics during playback. Control the Omnia with the SENSO touch panel, the included remote, or via your compatible smart devices.

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Images courtesy of Sonus Faber