When your home is due for an audio system overhaul, there are plenty of options to consider. Audiophiles usually get the short end of the stick due to their discerning tastes, but the rest get to pick from a larger pool. Sonos typically delivers excellent sound quality and design, which makes its new Era 100 and Era 300 outstanding choices.

Depending on the type of output and features the buyer wants, each model caters to varying needs. However, both would make awesome additions to any room or designated entertainment area. Another notable selling point is the compact form factor these come in for versatility with placements.

Starting with the sleek Era 100, this smart speaker is cylindrical in shape and is available in black or white colorways. It measures 7.18” x 4.72” x 5.14” (H x W x D) and tips the scales at about 4.44 lbs. Sonos goes for a matte finish and adds to the understated aesthetic of the device.

Inside, it’s packing an advanced processor, which is 47% faster along with a new co-neural processor. These enhance the responsiveness pertaining to voice commands and more. It is compatible with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and line-in connectivity options. Intuitive touch controls and handy privacy functions further enhance the user experience.

Up next is the Era 300 – the series’s flagship with support for spatial audio. Within its stylish shell are six drivers to output omnidirectional acoustics with Dolby Atmos Music enhancement. Just like the Era 100, its physical footprint is minimal and is easy to position almost anywhere. Enjoy an even truly immersive listening experience, when you pair two or more Era speakers.

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Images courtesy of Sonos