Sometimes, a brand becomes synonymous with a particular product that it becomes a caveat when they venture into other segments. Most consumers never bother to browse the full catalog, which is probably why they can miss out on other exceptional items. Take Sonos for example — a company lauded for its speaker systems. They’ve recently introduced the Ace as their platform for personal listening sessions.

As noted on their website, what they have here is “obsessively crafted and masterfully tuned, these headphones make you feel at one with the sounds that matter most to you.” Sonos is not going for a huge variety of hues. Instead, the Ace can be bought in Black or Soft White colorways only.

With their reputation for design and quality, expect superior ergonomics. Premium materials like stainless steel make their way to the headband with an “innovative mechanism” for adjustments. The extension and retraction feel smooth as users dial in the ideal fit to form an acoustic seal.

Vegan leather wraps each earcup with memory foam cushioning in between. The manufacturer claims the headphones were extensively tested to account for different head sizes, head shapes, hairstyles, and accessories. From an aesthetic point of view, the Ace is understated.

However, there are dazzling elements like the metallic elements left stylishly exposed. Dynamic head-tracking technology makes it even more immersive via spatial audio. Active noise cancellation and Aware mode can be toggled to fit the current scenario.

Meanwhile, communication is as clear as it gets with the beamforming microphones. The Ace supports Bluetooth multipoint connectivity for seamless switching between two sources. A full charge lasts up to 30 hours, while three minutes hooked up to the outlet is enough for up to three hours of playback.

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Images courtesy of Sonos